Going to


in August

A dream in ev´ry home

has finally come true. Of course, we´re referring to the great Procol double event at Ledreborg, Denmark, on the 19th-20th August. Due to numerous requests from the Danish Society of Procoholics, the Commander and the Danish Radio Orchestra finally succumbed to our long-time pressure and agreed to perform this very special event. In order to service the international Procoholics – who may venture towards distant shores – this particular page will therefore be in Danglish.

On this page, you´ll find som useful links facilitating your travel.

We should however emphazise, that the Danish Procoholics are neither a travel agency nor a tourist information board.

Likewise, the entire Danish Radio arrangement is out of our hands (we don´t have a say concerning the songs to be performed), and the post-gig activities at the Palers´ Basecamp in Lejre are entirely run by the brave and bold eternal knights of British-Norwegian Procoholic co-operation, Roland and Jens Anders.

On the other hand, we have set up this page to provide our international friends with some useful practical information. After all that´s what friends are for. Here, you will find further information about lodging possibilities and transportation and other things, which might come in handy prior to your visit.

In theory, such a list could be a neverending story. We´ll try to limit ourselves to the kind of information, we think you would like to have in one place. (“How do I get to Ledreborg from the Copenhagen Airport?” – “Where can I rent a car?” – “How to get to Ledreborg by train?” – “Which hotels or hostels are found in the vicinity of Ledreborg?” etc.) And perhaps there´ll be a lot of questions that only we as residents can answer.

This page will be updated regularly with all the FAQ (frequently asked questions) as we go along. We´ll try to concentrate on the most common questions, but don´t be shy.

In order to keep an eye on the Palers´ Basecamp event, please check out BtP. In any case, every Procoholic visitor is more than welcome to send us an e- mail or call (+45 35 42 19 98 or +45 33 37 41 58). We´ll do our utmost to secure you a good time before and after Procol´s two gigs.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome, velkommen!

How to get to Ledreborg... all this and more